AEastprint manufactures Printed Electronics and HMI Technologies include Wearable Medical Devices (ISO 13485), Membrane Switches, In Mold Electronics (IME), Projected Capacitive Switches, Silicone Rubber Keypads, Graphic Overlays, Touchscreens, ITO Replacement Films and Functional Screen Printing for E-Textiles/Smart Clothing




The STM32 Open Development Environment (STM32 ODE) is open & compatible with a number of IDEs including IAR EWARM, Keil MDK, mbed and GCC-based environments.

  • STM32 Nucleo development boards
  •  STM32 Nucleo expansion boards
  • STM32Cube software
  • STM32Cube expansion software
  • STM32 ODE Function Packs

STM32CubeMX software download