Greenconn is one of the world’s leading connector manufacturers of Board to Board, Wire to Board, Automotive, Floating, I/O, Card Edge, and Customized solutions.


Greenconn’s 3D-modeling tool is seamlessly integrated into their website to allow you to quickly configure your design. Modifications will come almost instantly as you customize the options. When you finish, you can download the technical information, including the drawing in 2D and 3D models (available in various formats).



Alif Semiconductor™ is revolutionizing  Fusion processors & microcontrollers for high-performance embedded processing.  Single to quad-core processing, AI acceleration, high-speed connectivity, graphics, and imaging.   

Architected for power efficiency and long battery life, these devices deliver high computation and ML/AI capability, high-speed connectivity including Ethernet and SDIO, multi-layered security, computer vision, and rich graphical user interfaces.